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Co-work with Martin Keen the famous industry Engineer from USA

  Office workers easily get into the sub-health state, and suffers from lumbar strain, cervical hyperplasia, indigestion, etc., due to long periods of incorrect posture at work, and rushing to work without proper digestion after meals.
  In order to solve the above problems, Martin Keen is dedicated to working out a set of workstation according to ergonomics, which can help people work actively and maintain a healthy physique.
  By chance, Martin dug out an old, rusting stool made with a metal tractor seat, from a corner of the barn. He tipped the stool forward and began leaning against the seat. Within moments, he realized he was on to something. That place between sitting and standing seemed an ideal solution.
  Then Martin took his idea and found us...
  When our design team understood Martin's demands, we were aware that this project was different from the conventional development process, we must first find the most ergonomic structure verification perspective, before carrying out design work.
  During development stage, we had to consider the applicability of different groups, material selection, strength testing, structure verification and so on...
  After verification of structure and material selection, we started working on 3D diagram, as well as optimization of the product's appearance and structure.
  Elevation building... 
  CNC prototype making...
  First sample assembly for verification of structure and appearance.
  Since verification and preparation are done during development stage, mold making proceeded smoothly during the first tryout and pre-production.
  In December 2012, the Locus Workstation won the ErgoExpo award for best new product at NeoCon 2013, also garnering the Grand Prize in Product Innovation from Buildings Magazine.